Useful Links and Resources

These are resources I’ve used and have come across in my research. There are NO affiliate links here. I just liked or want to buy some of the items myself. I am not getting any money for endorsing or recommending the products or links below.

Montessori Blogs

NOTE A lot of these blogs are no longer updated. There are still good resources and ideas on them!

  1. Counting Coconuts
  2. Living Montessori Now
  3. How We Montessori
  4. Grace and Green Pastures
  5. Montessori Nuggets
  6. The Kavanaugh Report — MY FAVE

Montessori Scope and Sequence

This is the best I could find for each of the categories!

  1. General Scope and Sequence (S&S)
  2. A Full Math Curriculum (over 270 pages)
  3. Social Studies S&S
  4. Science S&S
  5. Practical Life S&S
  6. Music S&S
  7. Art S&S
  8. Math S&S
  9. Sensorial S&S
  10. Language S&S

Free Printables and Other Sources for Ideas

  1. 50 Montessori Activities for 2-year-olds
  2. An online lesson planner and record keeper
  3. Shelf images from 2-3 year olds
  4. Loads of beautiful free printables
  5. Ideas for DIY Montessori materials

Items and Documents for Purchase

  1. Toddler Chairs
  2. A Kids in the Kitchen cookbook
  3. Spindle Boxes
  4. Red Rods
  5. Low shelf (the ones we use for puzzles)
  6. IKEA Table and Chairs (this is what we have)
  7. A Montessori shop
  8. PDFs for purchase
  9. Curriculum plus some freebies
  10. Curriculum for purchase
  11. A list of suggestions, by age, with links for purchase
  12. A link to the Montessori Outlet

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