Bethany and Alexander

I’m Bethany, and I’m mom to Alexander. When he was around age 2, I decided to start teaching him using the Montessori method. I was a high school teacher for 7 years, and I find that I’m organized, proactive, and motivated. I like teaching, and I like the challenge of creating activities for my 2 year old. (After all, a 2 year old is much different from a 15 year old!)

I started exploring Montessori, along with Waldorf, traditional homeschooling, unschooling, and more. And Montessori just felt the most natural to me. Might we change our minds and incorporate other methods? Sure! That’s why this is called Mostly Montessori.

This blog is where I plan to document activities that work for us, classroom setups (to keep track of what he likes and doesn’t like), and it’s also a place where I can keep up with his progress. Down the road, it may be where I keep more detailed logs of his progress for the purpose of reporting to the state of Georgia. For now, it’s mostly for me and my family.

Enjoy! And please comment and ask questions about anything you see here!

You may recognize me if you did baby led weaning. I’m the same lady behind BLW Ideas. Here is my other blog, Instagram, and Facebook pages, if you’re interested.

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  1. I’ve been following your BLW Instagram for a few months now and it really helped me with feeding my baby! I just came across your Montessori led learning and I really love it! My little guy is only 14 months old, when would you recommend doing these activities?


    • One thing about Montessori is that there really is no age recommendation or age limit. There’s a scope and sequence, which just means you start at the first skill (in each category), and when your child masters it, you move to the next. So the stuff I share here MIGHT be great for your little one or he may not be ready for a year or more. I would say most of this stuff is for 18+ months, but some kids are ready sooner!

      On Wed, Oct 28, 2015 at 2:36 PM, Mostly Montessori wrote:



  2. Do you have any recommendations or resources on how to prepare for starting some sort of Montessori curriculum for a younger kiddo? My one year old seems to get bored and needs more to do, but he’s only a year old and not ready for many of the first Montessori activities. Thanks!


  3. Hello! I saw on Snapchat that you bought a book recently (I think it was a pdf book with a lot of pages), I wanted to know what is this book? TIA.


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