Brown Bear, Brown Bear Coloring Sheet

Brown Bear Coloring Sheet

We love Eric Carle around here. In particular, Alexander loves Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? He has it memorized and reads it back to us most of the time.

During his nap today, I decided to make a coloring sheet that goes along with the book. I simply went to the last page and traced the different animals onto a single sheet of paper. I made several copies of it, using our printer/copier.

Brown Bear Coloring Sheet

I provided Alexander with the appropriate colors, to color the animals in like the book describes them. And then I let him at it. (To be honest, he just colored them all randomly, which is fine.)

A short enrichment style activity!

If you feel like I’m better at tracing than you are, you can save the image below and print it! Or just do what I did and trace them. Mine are a bit sloppy because I was in a rush!

Enjoy. ❤

Brown Bear Coloring Sheet

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