VIDEO: Writing the Numbers 1-10

Alexander loves his letters and numbers.

He loves watching me write the letters and numbers.

He has seen me write the numbers 1-20 over and over and over. He has practiced using these wipe-off flash cards, with me, many times. But he hasn’t practiced them solo as often.

With that said, this video shows Alexander (2 years, 4 months) writing the numbers 1-10 on these tracing cards with a dry-erase marker. Ideally, we would have a little sand tray, and he would write the numbers with his finger before moving to a writing utensil. Since his grip on the marker isn’t ideal, using his finger would be easier for him I think.

BUT… we don’t have a sand tray. So we are using what we have!

He’s enjoying himself and wrote 1-10 about five times before his hand started getting tired. I have added this station to our shelves for the month. We will do a bit of tracing/writing practice this month.

Tracing NumbersTracing NumbersTracing NumbersTracing Numbers

4 thoughts on “VIDEO: Writing the Numbers 1-10

  1. Where are these cards from? My son is just a couple months younger than yours, so I would love to get some. I’m glad I found this blog! I came over from Instagram where you posted about the Christmas boxes, and I love a lot of these ideas!


    • Becky, so glad you found some ideas! These cards are from Flash Kids and they’re called Wipe-Off cards. There are 40 cards in a box. It’s got 1-20 as numerals and 1-20 as words. We just use 1-10 numerals for now. ­čÖé

      On Tue, Dec 8, 2015 at 3:37 PM, Mostly Montessori wrote:



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