Twisting Practice (with short video)

Twisting Practice

I post stuff on my Snapchat account sometimes, but I did not create a separate account for this blog. Most of my Snaps are food-related! But if you’re interested in following there, I’m “blwideas”.

Anyway, this activity is slightly advanced for Alexander, though other 2-year-olds may have no trouble at all. That’s one thing I love about Montessori. Most activities you find will NOT have an age suggestion. That’s because kids move at different paces. It’s one reason I want to keep Alexander at home for now, so I can follow his lead and play to his strengths and interests. Eventually he’ll learn to read, but it will be through activity and play and exploration. And he’ll learn in his own time, which I’m convinced will be sooner than “average”. Maybe I’m being a dreamer, but if we don’t have dreams and set goals, then we’ll never reach them!

What’s that saying… You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

That’s sort of relevant here, right?

Moving right along! This activity is to practice fine motor skills because of the small caps but also gross motor skills because of the wrist and arm movement that you need to twist the caps onto the bottles.

Alexander was able to match the caps to the bottles, but he was not really able to twist on the tops. He would twist it back and forth and back and forth and wasn’t quite grasping the concept of twist, release, twist, release (does that make sense?).

We’ll practice some more! And when we run out of jam (which should be any day now), that will be another glass jar to add in. Ideally these would be all glass and not any plastic. For now, it’s what we have to work with!

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