Bead & Button Color Matching

Bead and Button Colors

Bead and Button Colors

I decided to weave some beads onto a piece of string, but Alexander had a tough time getting them off without help. That activity wasn’t even completed, and that’s okay! Now I know it’s a little too advanced for the time being. We’ll revisit it in a month or so.

Bead and Button Colors

Another activity we did with the beads and buttons was this one. I put a series of beads and buttons in 3 colors (shades of red/orange, shades of blue, and yellow). Alexander simply removed the bead or button and placed them into the correct bowl. Some of them were orange, and he refused to put them into the red bowl. That’s okay with me! I filled the bowls so you can see what it should have looked like. Ultimately, he really enjoyed this one!

Bead and Button Colors


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