VIDEO: USA Map Puzzle

I stated in the “plans for the week” that I wanted to introduce the USA this week. This floor puzzle is pretty advanced, so we worked together to assemble it. Then, I would remove 5 states while saying their names. And Alexander would put the pieces back in place while I repeated the names of the states.

The goal here is just to introduce him to America. I told him where we lived, where his grandparents lived, and where he was born. For now, that’s enough for me. Eventually we would work on different regions (the south, northeast, midwest, and so on) and also talk about government. I assume that will be in a few years. ­čÖé But we are going with the flow for now!

He’s been to more than 10 states in his short life so far, and we can look at pictures from those trips. Then we can make connections between the state puzzles and the places he’s been. I just want him to get used to the fact that we’re in one state out of 50 states. Funny enough he was born in the District of Columbia, which isn’t a state, but we can talk about that later. That’s the nation’s capital, and that’s a whole other topic!

If you’re interested, you can purchase this state puzzle HERE.

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