VIDEO: Pillows on the Floor

I’m not totally sure what he is learning here, but we’ll call it a sensory experience. He’s having to balance when he walks or crawls on the pillows. And he may be imagining a load of things that he just can’t express yet. This is good for a lot of ages!

2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Pillows on the Floor

  1. This looks like FUN!

    If I had to think of this in terms of learning purposes – citing specific outcomes, etc. It is really about body space and awarness. Gravity, balance, equilibrium, using lots of muscles, large and medium muscle development and control. It is an extra challenge to moving that really gets thought processes (problem solving) and control of movement going 🙂

    The fun aspect cannot be minimmized though 😉


    • First of all, thanks for commenting! I love feedback on blogs, and you’re my first comment. 🙂 Second, thank you so much for the insight on what this may actually teach. I am still navigating that part of learning because, to me, this is mostly play. But I know kids learn through play! So it’s about figuring out what’s being learned. All of what you said makes perfect sense! ❤

      On Sat, Sep 26, 2015 at 1:31 PM, Mostly Montessori wrote:



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